Friday, July 7, 2017

Review #420: Spider-man - Battle for New York(DS)

 It won the battle for worse version of the same game. Kudos to you, DS iteration.
 I'll make it short and simple, this game is horrible. There're almost no redeeming qualities to it, besides the high production values they employed on everything that's superficial and to be watched and not played. Bad move.

 Battle for New York is a very loose retelling of the first couple of issues of Ultimate Spider-man, and it used beautiful comic-like panels as cut-scenes, as well as top notch voice acting. It also uses the same engine as Ultimate Spider-man, so it looks gorgeous. There's not much else that I haven't said on the GBA version's review, it's the same story, the same comic-book panels.
 Everything Spidey could do in Ultimate Spider-man(DS) he can do here, so I won't go over the basics, what has changed is that now you're limited to only four special attacks, but it works pretty much the same as it did before. Green Goblin's the new addition, and he plays the role of the Muscle, he can punch, jump extra high, cling to walls and fire three different types of fireballs, he also gets his own four unique special moves. After clearing a certain number stages you'll be allotted points to spend increasing four stats: Health, Strength, Web Fluid/Fire amount and Web Capture Duration/Fireball power. It's an OK system, and at its core, it should, make for a fun game.

 First let's go over the Spider-man stages: Most of the time he has to rescue people, same as before, except that now it's made extra annoying. The time limit to rescue hostages is very tight, so if you can't find it in time, chances are you're gonna have to start the stage from scratch. It's hilarious because the 'time' is supposed to be their health, but even if you prevent the enemy from harming them any longer, it will still decrease continually, so don't be surprised if you lost as you were trying to deplete the bad guy's life bar. Ultimate Spider-man's tacked-on forced touch-screen activities are back but worse. Using computers is extra annoying now, and there's a new 'web the door' activity used to close off doors to prevent enemies from spawning. Problem is... they can attack you while you are trying to close the door. Even better, as soon as you finish a touch-screen activity, the game immediately resumes so you might want to have that styles on your mouth or something, and yes, you'll want the stylus precision for the annoying web-door minigames.
 Green Goblin's stages fare much better since they are more action-based, but they suffer a bit from minor flaws, also present in Spider-man's levels, like poor level design thanks to enemy placement, and sometimes spotty collision detection. Oh, and they made the special move button the same as picking up civilians. Brilliant. Then we have bosses, and they're not hard, but they are boring. 90% of them are about waiting, waiting and waiting so that they are left vulnerable and you can do a modicum of damage before they go back to their invincibility frames.

 Spider-man Battle for New York on the Nintendo DS is EASILY the worst Spider-man game I've played yet. What hurts the most is that they had a brilliant plot, they had beautiful cutscenes, fantastic artwork and the already decent Ultimate Spider-man engine. But they screwed it up.
 2.0 out of 10

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