Sunday, July 16, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man - Shattered Dimensions(PS3)

 Say hello to Beenox.
 After delivering what was pretty much the best Spider-man game up to that moment, Treyarch was relieved from Spider-man duties by Beenox, the developer who'd helm every subsequent Spider-man game.

 Shattered Dimensions is kind of a blank state for Spider-man games, while many mechanics from Web of Shadows are back, the swinging has been reduced to a more confined environment, so a lot of the fun it derived is gone... 

 ...but that's alright, because this is a different kind of game. Gotta love how many voice actors for Spider-man came back for this iteration, although I would've done things differently. Miguel O'hara should've been voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, Amazing Spider-man by Spider-man TAS' VA, Spider-man Noir by the Spider-man's 80s show VA and... Ultimate Spider-man I agree with. But that's just nitpicking.

 I played about three stages(Tutorial, Amazing and Noir) and it's a pretty fun game. I love the challenge system, but above all, I adore the fact that costumes are back, about time! I used the Iron Spider code since that's pretty much my favorite Spider-man costume, and the Scarlet Spider costumes, since that was my favorite Spider-man character... until Kane took the Scarlet Spider mantle from Ben.

 Anyways, I'm having fun. It's no Web of Shadows, but it's pretty decent.

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