Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Now Playing: The Amazing Spider-man(Nintendo DS)

 Not Other Ocean again, not them, please!
 For Spider-man's last outing on the Nintendo DS we have Other Ocean at the helm... oh boy. I'm six missions in, and shockingly, while it looks just like Edge of Time, it's only skin deep as I've yet to find a single glitch. Spider-man can crawl through platforms quite well, walls seem solid and he doesn't slide while shooting web. It seems they gave up on coding maps, so now we a simplified 'Look how many areas and exits there're' thingie as a map.

 They did away with the Metroidvania approach and now we have a straight-up action game with a non-linear mission structure, that allows you to take a few missions in whatever order you wish or replay them. It plays rather serviceably, you know, kinda like what Edge of Time could've been if only it wasn't broken.

 It's not the developer I wanted for Spider-man's final DS game, but so far it has proven to be a passable game, which considering how bad the previous game was... it's a good thing. It's kinda sad how the DS never managed to get a great Spider-man game, eh! I mean, Griptonite's two games were pretty good but nothing to write home about, and this last game seems to be Spider-man's final 'Meh' on the console.

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