Monday, July 10, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man 3(Playstation 3)

 God, this game is ugly. It's also... interesting, because it's really similar to the Playstation 2 version, but also very different. Both games start exactly the same, as a matter of fact the PS2 version borrows the cutscenes from this one, on the same burning building. And then you're introduced to weak and heavy attacks, and while the animations and 'feel' for the attacks are different, it's also very samey, until dodging is introduced, which works very differently. Then on, you are introduced to a very similar, yet very different set of mechanics.

 I can't say yet which swinging and combat mechanics I like the best yet. I played 12 out of the 42 missions and I'm liking the game. It has the same 'sloppy' feeling Spider-man 2 had, which is rather nostalgic, even though I know the game should feel tighter. And man, are the graphics ugly! At least the new HD graphics do wonder for the city, it looks grander, and Spidey smaller than ever before, and buildings come in all sorts of shapes and colors, a stark contrast to Spider-man 3 on the PS2.

 It's good. It's a fun game, and they managed to make swinging feel fresh thanks to the tweaks and the splendor of the new HD coat of paint which makes the city bigger and better than ever before.

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