Friday, July 28, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man - Web of Shadows(Wii)

 To conclude the Spider-manathon, we've got...
 It's been over 30 games already, and we're not done, not until Web of Shadows on the Wii. I was gonna play it right after going through the PS3 version, but I figured that it would burn me out to play almost the same exact game twice in a row, so, seeing how I liked it SO much, I decided to close the Spider-manathon with it. And it's true, I did leave out most downgraded ports because I figured they weren't worth the time, but, but this one has something the PS3 version doesn't have: Costumes, and I love me some costumes.

 I just played about 2 hours, collecting Spider-symbols(Up to 450 already!) and... for a downgraded port, it's pretty good. The motion controls  are decent, but I'm finding that every now and then it won't correctly register my swing inputs, or even my web-zip inputs. Also, controls are rather awkward, there're a lot of functions and different button combinations

 The good news is that the game is still Web of Shadows, and that's always a good thing.

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