Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man 2(PC)

 You didn't think we were quite done with Spider-man 2, now did you?
 Yep, there was yet another version of Spider-man 2 released, and I'm not talking about the NGage's beefed up GBA port. While Home Consoles got a then-fantastic, innovative and, quite frankly, a landmark title in the world of movie-tie-in videogames, with Spider-man 2, the PC got a kid-friendly, toned down, crappy and entirely different Spider-man 2.

 There're a few highlights, for instance, taking into account that this is supposed to be a kid's game, a no thrills, no frills kind-of-deal, they manage to craft a very simple and effective control scheme. Swinging, punching, jumping, shoot web and web-zipping is all done with WASD and a mouse. Impressive. This also means that your options are pretty limited, which is true, but for a kids' game? It's commendable! Then there's the fact that this game is old, so it should have no problems running like butter on any modern PC.

 As for the bad... the game is too simple, heck, Rhyno came with a guide as to how to defeat him. You can only swing from specific markers on buildings too, which is all kinds of lame. And that's the game in a nutshell: All kinds of lame.

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