Monday, July 3, 2017

Now Playing: Ultimate Spider-man(GBA)

 Could it be?! Could it actually be... a good game!?
 Spider-man 2 on the PSP was next on the queue, but since I can't be bothered to wait any longer, let's jump right into the Ultimate Spider-man games. Well, so far the handheld Spider-man games have been unimpressive. Myterio's Menace was really good, but they dropped the ball afterwards. Ultimate Spider-man uses the same ugly 3-Dish graphics oh so many games of the era used, like Mysterio's Menace, yet as ugly as it is... it just might be the best handheld Spider-man yet.

 I just finished the first issue, or 'episode', and it was pretty good. Levels are kinda mazeish, but everything is very well defined so it's hard to get lost, and the addition of a compass is everything these games needed. The combat is decent even if enemies are a bit cheap, and I like having upgrades to find in every level. So far it's looking impressive.

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