Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Now Playing: Ultimate Spider-man(Playstation 2)

 I might've oversold this game.
 On every chance I could, I wrote about how I remembered Ultimate Spider-man to be this Ultimate game that trumped above Spider-man 2. I might've remembered wrong.

 For starters, the swinging has changed, it's slightly, sliiiiiiiiightly simpler, but I think that as a whole, it's much better. Combat wasn't Spider-man 2's greatest asset, but it worked for the game and the character, the new combat feels more stiff, Spidey's moves just don't flow as well and smacking enemies around doesn't feel as good, and a lot of the fun physics-based-web-slinging-enemies moves you could do are gone.

 Progressing through the game is, once again, locked behind busywork, but I've a feeling that it might be less tedious here. Maybe. Since it requires a number of activities instead of points. Also, costumes are back, thank god, no Spider-man game should be lacking in alternate costumes! Although finding the tokens required is kinda challenging, since they seem to be very well hidden.

 For what it's worth, numerous times throughout this early session I thought to myself 'Alright, gonna quit now and do what I haveta do'... yet I couldn't stop playing through the city. The swinging is so much more fun now!

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