Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Review #415: Ultimate Spider-man(GBA)

 They were bound to get one of them right, right?
 Handheld Spider-man games have been pretty much terrible, but here comes Ultimate Spider-man, ready to right those wrongs. This time around you won't be play as just Spider-man, Venom joins the prey and he is angry.

 The game follows a shortened version from the console game's plot, basically, it deals with Ultimate Peter Parker and Ultimate Eddie Brock's parents, and how their past experiments led to the creation of Venom, a bio-organism that finds itself tied to Ultimate Eddie Brock, turning them into Ultimate Venom. It's a rather interesting story, albeit you only get half the picture playing the handheld iteration of the game. It's seven chapters, and 23 stages long, which is more than fair for a handheld game.
 The game, as with previous handheld Spider-man games, is yet another 2-D scavenger hunt... but done right. Firstly, everything in the levels is very well defined, so it's hard to get lost, and when you have particular objectives, like rescuing hostages, you get a compass. About damn time! It's a very enjoyable romp, and every non-boss stage features an upgrade for either Venom or Spider-man for you to find, going from extra web-cartridges for Spidey, extra moves for either or faster feasting for Venom. It's a blast, and both character offer a very different experience.

 You see, Spider-man is weak, but fast, and is limited by his web-cartridges. And you will need web, as binding enemies with web is one of the safest ways to go around as Spider-man. Venom, however, is a power house. His health is constantly dropping, but unlike Spider-man who must pray for an enemy to drop a health pick up or find one, can feast from any and every enemy, which means every enemy is a health pick up! It helps that Venom can take twice as much punishment and deal even more damage with his basic attacks, although he loses the ability to wrap enemies in webs or swing from webs, he has unlimited tentacle zip-lines for exploration.
 Ultimate Spider-man on the GBA does the impossible and redeems every handheld Spider-man game that came before it. It's a great little game that makes the most out of what you can get out of a handheld 2-D Spider-man game, although there's still room for improvement, things like polishing up the combat, or adding more meat into the experience. Regardless, for what it is, it succeeds.
 8.0 out of 10

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