Sunday, July 9, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man 3(Playstation 2)

 Where's the bad game?
 I came in with low expectations, I came in waiting to be disappointed since I had heard that this game was flat-out terrible on the PS2... but I just spent two hours stuck to the TV playing this game, having a blast.

 First, the bad. It's ugly, like really ugly, and Ultimate Spider-man may have spoiled me, but the city feels devoid of life and color. Also, QTEs, QTEs everywhere. Swinging through the city is still fun, but it's undeniably slower, at least they add a zoom-out effect to make up for that, which looks kinda cool-ish and sometimes makes you forget that you're swinging slower than before. And then we've loading screens, loading screens galore. And just as I was about to write that 'finally, they don't gate out story content behind busywork'... they did. But I think it feels more lenient than before.

 As for the good? It's still free roaming Spider-man. Combat is better than ever, I love unlocking new moves or upgrades through experience points and having dodging back. The new additions are fantastic, vaulting over enemies and special moves, not to mention the Black Suit and getting more life and attack power.

 Basically, I don't think it's quite as good as Ultimate, but damn if it isn't just as good as Spider-man 2. Tobey McGuire and the rest of the cast perform much better as well

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