Monday, July 10, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man - Friend or Foe(DS)

 Also known as one last attempt to cash in on the movie's success.
 If there's something that Activision loves it's money, and thus we got Friend or Foe. There was no Spider-man movie to cash in on the year of its release, so they went with the movie's art direction and quickly whipped out a small beat'em up game for all consoles(But PS3 because I don't know). So I'll start with the handheld version.

 Too much text. Actually, too much voice work. I wanted to give the story a chance, the first cutscene was really good, but it quickly went downhill with barely animated stills and then... portraits and voiced dialogue. Tons of poorly written exposition dialogue that you can't skip, it bored me so much that I skipped it.

 I just finished the first level, featuring Black Cat, and it was fairly serviceable. I don't have any particular qualms with it, even the touch-screen mini-games were non-intrusive for once in Spider-man's run on the DS. The gameplay is your run-of-the-mill beat'em up featuring simple 3-hit combos, no depth but a lot of mashing. But yeah, it's alright, nothing special, but not as terrible as Spidey's previous outings on the console.

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