Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man Friend or Foe(PS2) and Spider-man Web of Shadows(DS)

 Two for the price of one.
 One would think that the downgrade to a single attack button would hurt the game, but since punches and kicks were interchangeable in the DS version... it doesn't change a thing... however, allies have their own unique movesets, which helps a lot. Hitting enemies also feels a tiny bit better.

  It's still nothing special, but it's a better game than the DS iteration, that's for sure.
 It had to be Griptonite. It had to be them. Often accused of creating derivative and creativity-deprived games, I always found them to make pretty good handheld games. Earning their reputation through mobile games, they eventually made it to handheld consoles, and lemme tell ya, their 3DS Shinobi game is downright fantastic.

 But I digress, it had to be this company the one that would show up all others. This Web of Shadows game is a Metroidvania, and it's so much fun. Granted, it's the ugliest Spider-man game yet, well, maybe Friend or Foe was uglier, but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in substance. I played a few minutes of the game, and I loved it. I actually loved a DS Spider-man game, unbelievable.

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