Saturday, July 8, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man 3(DS)

 Are we playing the same game?
 So, I started Spider-man 3, and immediately hated the controls. They are too imprecise. Jumping is done by tapping up, swinging y holding up/left or up/right. Hitting is done by swiping(???) the touch screen, shooting web by double tapping on the direction you want to shoot at(IS THIS A JOKE?) and a few other mechanics, like grabs, are done by different swipes. Obviously, the game messes up your inputs constantly.

 The game is almost unwieldly unfun, I can't believe this game got such high scores way back in the day. Touchscreen controls don't have to be bad necessarily, but if your game doesn't need it, don't tack it on. Guess I'll have to suffer through another crappy DS Spider-man game...

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