Monday, July 3, 2017

Now Playing: Spider-man 2(Playstation 2)

 I tip my hat off to you, Treyarch.
 I remembered Spider-man 2 pretty fondly, although not as fondly as Ultimate Spider-man, and it's pretty good, but...

 But first things first, well friggin' done, Treyarch. Spider-man 1 was a mess that was trying to follow in PS1's Spider-man's footprints, but they did away with that and made an entirely different game... and it was a stellar success. All the things Spider-man could do with his web worked well on the cartoony PS1 games, but it makes sense to remove them since this is going after the more realistic movies. The combat's the best it has ever been, while there's only one attack button, the web button can be used for some pretty spiffy combos.

 But the star of the show is easily the web-swinging. It's so much fun to zip around New York, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna get even better once I unlock the rest of the speed boosts.

 What I'm not sold on, and something I didn't remember, is having to farm Hero Points to progress. These might, MIGHT become a chore, but let's see...

 PS: I'm almost done with Shadow Hearts 3. Almost.

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