Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Now Playing: Ultimate Spider-man(DS)

 Now we're finally getting somewhere.
 After the horrible Spider-man 2 DS game I was sure that the handheld games where gonna be garbage, but lo and behold, Ultimate Spider-man Advance was great, and Ultimate Spider-man on the DS is no slouch either!

 While I'd hesitate to call it better than the Gameboy Advance version, this game is pretty fun. It looks beautiful, the production values are high, controls are smooth and the gameplay is pretty decent. It seems Spidey's levels are tied around helping people in need in the allotted time, but you're given hints as to where they lie, so it's all OK. Venom levels are bit duller though, although I'm only judging from the only Venom stage I got to play.

 Well, boys and girls, I think we have a good one here.

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