Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Now Playing: The Amazing Spider-man 2(Playstation 3)

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 Alright, so I heard that the game had horrid loading times, but boy, I wasn't expecting them to be THIS bad. Well, the rest of the game is pretty much exactly the same as Amazing Spider-man 1, not that I played all that much.

 They did something different, and interesting, with the swinging mechanics... now R2 governs the right hand and L2 the left hand, which is something I've thought about, and it's an interesting, but unnecessary, change. I was about to complain that it was still slow, but I just unlocked the boost mechanics, so crisis averted.

 The combat has been refined too, now you get to avoid multiple enemies on one dodge, disarming mechanics and the Spider-Sense signs are a bright red, which makes it easier to spot. It's not a HUGE improvement, but the added variety and polish is welcome.

 Yeah, Amazing Spider-man 2 is shaping up to be another good, but unimpressive, Spider-man game. It's a bit disappointing to end Spider-man's run on the PS3 with such a tame game, but I guess it's what it deserves. And boy, was it interesting to go all the way from the very first 3-D Spider-man game on the PS1 to the very last, at the moment, 3-D Spider-man game on the PS3. It was filled with very low lows, a ton of decent games and few highs every now and then. Few franchises can say that they had horrible, mediocre, good and the occasional great game! Although whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is better left for another day.

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