Friday, March 14, 2014

Progress Report: Classes have started Edition

 I just wanna lay on my bed, drink some Pepsi and watch The Princess Bride, but alas, I cannot.
 Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost: I've been posting updates with my progress, so I guess this isn't really needed? But I could mention how I'm enjoying most of the new units and the tweaks to the old suits. I love this one, and I'm done with 60+ of the 98 units, Mission Mode next!
  Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: What's the actual name of this friggin' game? I went with what the spine said, heh. I just reached the Epilogue, so I'll see what comes next. I have mixed feelings on this one, care was evidently put into the package, fan service is everywhere, and tons to unlock... but I would've preferred something a bit more straightforward, no equipment and no customization on the movesets, but that's just me. Oh, and the story is terrible!
 Tales of VS: Now that I got the hang of it, I'm having fun with it! Got through Lloyd's story mode just fine. My main complaints are the same I have with Dissidia, I wanted a more straightforward fighting game, no equipment/moveset bullsh!t, but hey, that's just me.
 Tales of Eternia: I might've hyped myself a bit too much with this one. It definitely picked up after the scene with the King of Inferia, I wasn't expecting him to be such an a$$hole! Oh, and I love just how different this cast is from other Tales of games. Reid is a lazy bum who wants nothing to do with saving the world, unlike every other Tales of Hero. Farrah is the real hero, the one that loves helping people and what have you, and she is not the main character! Keele seems to be like Chester, in that he lags behind the rest of the party, but the reasons for their situations are quite different; Chester and Cless started at the same "level", so to speak, but while Cless spent time training when he went to the past, by the time he returned to the present, Chester was completely outclassed(And then you could trigger some scenes in which he trains as Arche watches, I JUST LOVE PHANTASIA), Keele on the other hand was always a weakling; and Keele is, probably, one of the most irritating allies in the Tales of series, makes Hubert look like a Teddy bear!. Meredy is cute as a button, love how she says "You bet!" whenever she responds positively.
 Yes, the cast is pretty dang unique for a Tales game, as much as I love the series, you just gotta admit that they love reusing archetypes.

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