Monday, March 31, 2014

Month Overview: March

Games completed in March:
 Little Big Planet(PSP)                                                                                       5.0
 Mimana: Iyar Chronicle                                                                                     3.0
 Shinobi                                                                                                             8.0
 Kirby's Return to Dreamland                                                                             7.0
 Tales of VS                                                                                                      6.5
 Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy                                                                                9.0
 Tales of Destiny II                                                                                             7.5
 Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS - Full Boost                                                   9.5

 College has started, which means less gaming time, yay? Let's see, I played three PSP games this month, and logged about 60 hours in Dissidia, and still not done with all the post-game! Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost, a game I've been anticipating for about 2 years, I kid you not, I'd visit the GameFaqs boards and the community boards for this game every single day just for any news regarding new units for Full Boost or a Console port. And hey, I'm doing the same for Maxi Boost now!

Game of March:
 Was there any surprise? I've been in love with the series ever since Federation VS Zeon, it's like these games are tailor-made for me! What else can I say? If it only had a more robust single player offering, I could've easily given it a 10, y'see, while it is a better game than vanilla Extreme VS in almost every single way, comparing the previous' Mission Mode against this one and seeing just how lazy the DLC units are when, once again, compared to vanilla's DLC, kinda makes you wonder if they couldn't have done more? They also took their sweet time porting it, and the Online pass is bullsh!t... But as annoying as those things are, the core game is just so darn fantastic!

 Not gonna lie, I knew Dissidia was gonna be great. Some things did take me by surprise, and I'm not totally OK with having to equip my characters with stuff in order to keep up with the opposition, but after I put my "I WANT A TRADITIONAL FIGHTER, WITH DEFINED MOVESETS AND SKILL DOING ALL THE TALK" behind, I could enjoy the game. The fact that I logged over 60 hours in about 15 days is proof to that.

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