Saturday, March 1, 2014

Month Overview: February

Games completed in February:
 Code of Princess                                                                                              7.5
 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition                                    3.5
 Grandia 2                                                                                                         5.5
 Kirby Super Star Ultra                                                                                     7.5
 Naruto Powerful Shippuden                                                                              4.0
 Soul of Darkness                                                                                              5.5
 Wild Arms 2                                                                                                     8.0
 Darkstalkers Chronicle - The Chaos Tower                                                       8.5

 FINALLY GOT A PSP, YEEEEEEEEEEEES. Oh and this month was all over the place, Four Swords was an awful one-player game and Powerful Shippuden was... And I still can't get over of how bad a port Grandia 2 was. At least I got a PSP, right?

Game of February:
 The translation was awful, but the gameplay was fantastic. I'd still take Wild Arms 3 over it any day of the week, but having a transforming main character was fun. Actually, I even prefer Wild Arms 3's cast over 2's, but... but nothing, bottom line: Wild Arms 2 is a great game that's hampered by a poor translation, but you can still get by, even if you are grinding your teeth most of the time. Heh.

Runner Up:
 This port is fantastic, it looks so good that it almost feels like a different game. There are loads of ways to play it, and The Tower adds plenty of replayability. A must have for fighting game fans.

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