Sunday, March 2, 2014

Now Playing: Mimana - Iyar Chronicle

 Oh god, this game is terrible. This is not what I wanted a PSP for!
 I got through the first dungeon and I've a lot of first impressions, none of them good. First dungeon was a mess, everything looked the same and it was extremely mazey, and to top it off, no music. NO MUSIC. Oh, and the encounter rate is kinda high, which I wouldn't mind if it only wasn't for the long, LONG load times before each battle, they grow annoying pretty soon. And the battle themselves? If everything worked, it'd be fun. If. For starters, the AI is completely stupid, if you don't set them to attack, or if they are out of mana, they'll just stay in place, waiting to be attacked and only then will they move. A little bit. And Magic? It takes so long for it to cast that it's borderline useless, this applies both to you and the enemies, dodging magic is incredibly easy.
 What little music I heard was, it was there, I didn't mind it. Voice acting is really good at least. And the graphics? Sprites are lame and the animation is pretty lacking, the battle sprites however are quite good, at least the main characters. Since we are back on battles again, they are kinda tough? I died on my second random encounter and I had to restart from the beginning since I hadn't saved. And the boss? It seems that just touching him hurt me, either that or he had 1-frame attacks that were too fast to be seen by the naked eye.
 This game is terrible. Little Big Planet(PSP) is boring. At least Darkstalkers 3 was fantastic, but so far my adventures with the PSP have been quite disappointing.

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