Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions G, Wing TV-chapter.

 Dragon Gundam
  As per usual with G mobile suits, it's long-range and mid-range game is really weak, but performs great in close quarters. It has two new moves, a support call which seemed a bit eh and a beam attack. All its projectiles have poor tracking and low damage though.

 Master Gundam
 Has a new support call! The Master Gundam has fantastic close-range game, but performs poorly everywhere else. Even worse, it's slower than the God Gundam and with even worse projectiles yet costs even more.

 NEW Gundam Spiegel

 This unit is a ninja! Its proyectiles are Kunai, and his feet move so fast when dashing that you only see a blur, it looks awesome! His main projectiles have this unique property, that by following up with square+any direction makes him shoot its kunais in different ways. Overall it's a fun unit to play as, but not too useful.

Gundam Wing

 NEW Wing Gundam Zero(TV)
 Fantastic all around unit that performs great at any range. Color me surprised, it's not a complete clone of Wing Gundam Zero(Endless Waltz), while they do share most tools, they are used differently(EW's basic beam shot is TV's charge beam shot, the Rolling Beam attack is now a normal weapon instead of a charge move). The Wing Gundam can also hold the charge of the Beam move without needing to hold the Beam button, which is pretty useful, and it possesses Zero System that weakens enemy tracking on it for a really short while. Really good unit.

 NEW Gundam Epyon
 Epyon is extremely fun to use, with a incredibly strong and unique melee system(You keep on pressing attack and different directions to slash in different directions, mashing the attack button won't produce a combo as it has no natural combos!)... but it hasn't got a single projectile tool. Probably the worst suit in the game since Ranged combat is very important in Full Boost, it's still fun to use. It also has a Super Mode, that doesn't need to recharge and can be turned on or off at any moment, that grants it more range and, I think, attack power, at the cost of consuming more fuel. I love using the Epyon, but it's not an useful Mobile Suit.


 Wing Gundam Zero(Endless Waltz)
 Has a new support assist. Behaves just like it did before, good all around unit, while it's not as easy to use as the TV Version, I actually like this one a bit more.

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