Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions Final(12) Part!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash

NEW Xi Gundam
 Has a Gerobi beam, Rockets that track(They basically work just like funnels, they track, stop on a stop and then fall down on the enemy). The tracking on the normal Beam Rifle is pretty weak, but two missiles go out whenever you shoot! Lastly, it has a sub weapon that enhances its dash. Alright unit, I don't see myself playing it again though!

Gundam Seed Astray

Gundam Astray Red Frame
  It has more HP, and received a fair amount of tweaks, and a couple of new moves, including one where he throws a giant Katana while in Burst Mode!. It has a very low amount of tools, but it is a close range specialist, plus, Burst Mode turns it into Powered Mode. I love playing as this one, even if I don't find it very useful.

Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd L
 It has 20 more HP, just like Red Frame, and a couple of small buffs here and there. Its basic melee consists of it attacking with it knives, very low range, but it can actually use its massive sword to deal loads of damage, at the cost of it having a very slow start up. It's actually pretty fun to use, after you get the hang of it!

NEW Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu
 Looks impossibly badass! It has an invisible dash(Pressing Shoot makes it jump and you can then follow up with a melee combo). It can also sap HP(20-30 HP), which is pretty cool. It has an Stun Shot an a Stun Cable, but all of its ranged tools are pretty weak. Still, I had fun using it, and it looks so badass.

Gundam EXA

Gundam Extreme Type-Leos General:
 All Extreme versions share these traits: Firstly, they start in the very weak Phase 1, it's the same for all units, same weak beam gun, same beam saber combos and a AoE stun. Even though they have 500+ HP, their tools and damage output is like a 1000 cost unit. Over time a gauge increases, can be hastened by dealing or receiving damage, once it reaches 100, it enters Phase 2. Phase 3 works similarly, however, the "evolution" doesn't happen naturally, you have to activate it. Phase 2 and Phase 3 tend to be very similar, but there are subtle differences, so you may not want to go to Phase 3, Phase 3 does behave like a 3000 unit, all of them have loads of tools and very high damage output. Respawning sets you back to Phase 2 and the Gauge at 0. Lastly, all Extreme versions share the same burst Attack, not cool.

NEW Eclipse Phase
 As soon as it enters Phase 2, it loses all melee attacks, but gains missiles and dual beam rifles. Phase 3 grants it a huge Gerobi beam, a exploding ball of energy that stuns, and improved beam rifles and rockets. It also has a 1 time use Gerobi beam to the ground that produces a Nuke, just like one of the Boss' Phases.

NEW Xenon Phase
 Phase 2 turns the Beam gun into a projectile energy ball, 1 ammo, but reloads really fast, and can also be charged for a bigger, faster version. It gains stronger melee combos with a giant beam saber! Phase 3's energy balls gets bigger and stronger, but it takes longer to reload. Charging it produces a shockwave attack, like one of the Boss' Phases. Melee combos get longer, and trades the beam saber(Actually, it uses it on one or two of its strings) for fists and kicks, and an energy cloth just like Master Gundam's. It gets a new very amusing projectile where it throws and energy ball to the sky, which then shoots little energy pellets towards your target! It also gets a Beam sword sweep or stab, depending the direction you are holding.

NEW Aios Phase
 Eclipse Phase was a long range unit, and Xenon Phase was a melee unit, Aios is in-between. Phase 2 and 3 have, basically, the same moveset, but Phase 3's is better. For example, Phase 2 can shoot its funnels toward the opponent, Phase 3 can do it as well, or just place them behind it, so that they shoot when it shoots. Phase 2 gets two rounds of a rather small Gerobi beam, while Phase 3's only has 1 ammo, but it's much bigger. Lastly, Phase 3 gets to shoot "funnel barriers", like the Boss, or throw a spinning beam saber. Probably the one I liked the most!


NEW(?) Lacus' Infinite Justice
 The perfect example of why Full Boost's DLC sucks(Or is actually good, since players don't buy "power", as in, those that can't afford them, or just don't want to, don't need to try them out to be competitive?), Lacus' Infinite Justice is exactly like Arthrun's, minus the Assist Call that was switched to Kira and the burst attack that summons Kira as well, but at a 1000 cost. This also means that it's much slower and weaker, and has less ammo. This one is a waste of a slot, at least it's free, but I still don't recommend getting it.

NEW Johnny Ridden's Zaku 2 Kai
 This one was being touted as a clone... it's not! It plays completely different from the other Zaku 2s, and is actually fun to use! It has grenades, like Bernie's Zaku 2, but he throws three at a time, and they explode as soon as they touch the ground. It has few tools, but the damage output is very high!

NEW Gundam Sentinel
 Eh, I didn't care much about this one, but it was highly requested! The only mobile suit in the game without a pilot or a voice, the devs made a bit of a big deal about it, but it isn't, though they shouldn't have placed a black outline for a pilot, it looks silly!. It's certainly a... different type of unit, that belongs at long range. Its melee is very slow and weak, although it has a hilarious grab that has it headbutting the opponent. Its overall mobility is also fairly low, although it has a Mobile Armor Mode. I don't know, I didn't like it too much, has a couple of tools that behave like the Rozen Zulu's, another unit I didn't care much for.

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