Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions Wing(EW), X-chapter.

 Gundam HeavyArms Kai(EW)
 Clearly a unit to be played at long range, his overall ammo was decreased since vanilla, so now you've got to manage your resources more effectively. HeavyArms only has two melee attacks, and one of them is devastating, but good luck landing it!

Gundam Deathscythe Hell(EW)
 Feels very similar to his vanilla counterpart, but with shorter cool downs and better tracking on his beam, Deathscythe performs best at mid-close range, and has the tools to engage more or less safely.

Tallgeese III
 Tallgeese III is a fantastic unit that performs well at any range, making it adaptable and easy to pick up and play. While it is a bit slower than before, it's mobility is pretty good overall, and for a 2500, you can't go wrong with Tallgeese.

After War Gundam X

 Gundam Double X
 Has a new Assist attack! Double X received a couple of mobility buffs and a couple of negligible nerfs on the properties of its beams, but nothing too major. Double X is a unit that can do well at any distance, but excels at mid range. And it has, in my opinion, the best gerobi beam in the entire game.

Gundam Virsago Chest Break
 Virsago got buffed across the board to match its new 2500(from 2000) cost. Regardless, it more or less plays the same, it has a variety of tools for zoning, and a pretty neat assist that locks the enemy in place, for just the right amount of time to unleash its gerobi beam.

 NEW Gundam X Divider
 I wasn't expecting much from the new Gundam X, but oh boy, it's incredibly fun. X has plenty of projectiles that work better at medium range and cover a very nice area, they even do a respectable amount of damage! Futhermore, it has a one-off assist that summons two units that perform a nuclear gerobi beam. And its burst attack? A massive Gerobi beam that covers a very wide area. Pretty fancy for a 2500, its only flaw, that I found, is that while dashing on the ground, it takes a couple of seconds for it to break, as it slides through the ground.


Turn X

 I didn't notice anything new or any major change, so it more or less should be the same as vanilla. Another mid-to-close-range unit, you really don't want the Turn X to get on your face, else expect to receive a ton of damage.

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