Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions Turn A, Seed-chapter.

Turn A Gundam
 Better mobility and a bunch of new attacks make Turn A feel quite fresh... but it's still a hard unit to use effectively. He is really strong up close, devastatingly so, but not very user friendly.

Gold Sumo
 He received minor buffs, including enhanced mobility. Good close range unit, with a comboable beam shot.

NEW Kapool
 Two entirely different units in one, each one with a separate health bar, there's no other unit quite like Kapool. Sochie's Kapool, the green one, specializes in long range, but it's a bit slow and has less health than Corin's. Corin's Red Kapool is awful at long range, but has more endurance, more speed and packs quite a punch on his melee hits. Oh, and while one of the Kapools is benched, it slowly recovers its health!. Fun mobile suit.

Gundam Seed

 Changes are negligible, it's basically the same unit that it was before. There's not a whole lot of power behind it, but it's probably the fastest unit in the game and is definitely one of the most annoying units to fight against, which makes it quite fun.

NEW Duel Gundam (Assault Shroud)
 I was expecting a lot more out of the Duel Gundam. It's not bad by any means, what's more, it has tools to work effectively at any range, but it's just so... so plain and lame, nothing stands out about it.

Providence Gundam
 It got buffs everywhere, basically he shoots faster, has more ammo and more hp, even its mobility got buffed, but it's still a very slow unit. I don't know, I don't like it too much, probably the funnel user I like the least.

Forbidden Gundam
 More or less the same unit it used to be. Forbidden Gundam was a unit I was never too fond of and still am not, it probably has the worst close-range game in the entire roster. It can curve his gerobi beams, which is kinda neat though.

Strike Gundam
 The Strike Gundam was my favorite Mobile Suit in vanilla, I just loved how you could change its equipment for various different movesets. It was a great unit and now? It's even better, he got buffed everywhere on every form(Except the basic one, but who cares). Oh, and now the ammo of each form reloads constantly, no matter what form you are using. The only drawback, I'd say, is that each form is good for one thing and one thing only, except the timed IWSP form that is good at everything, but then again, it's a timed form.

NEW Freedom Gundam
 Very solid unit that works well at any range. It also happens to have a beam attack for any situation! Fairly easy to use, fantastic base stats since it's a 2500 unit, and also happens to work well at any distance, can't go wrong with it.


Strike Freedom Gundam
 The Freedom Gundam plus Funnels. Actually, not quite, its got an entirely different melee moveset(much better), different beams(It only shares the basic beam rifle and the "unload everything" subweapon) and funnels, which makes it feel quite different. Most of its changes have to do with cancel routes for its moves, so I won't delve to deep into them, but it received a quite interesting change, when you set the funnels behind you, instead of sending them after the enemy, they won't unload when you shoot, instead, you must press BC again to have them shoot.

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