Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions part 10

Zaku II Kai
 Poor Zaku II got a couple of nerfs to how the grenades work, the damage they deal, and the fact that they only start reloading after you go out of ammo, but then again, Zaku II Kai was, probably, the best 1000 unit in Vanilla. This is a great mid-close range 1000 unit with a hilarious Santa decoy.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

GP 01 Zephyrantes Full Vernian
 It got minor buffs to its mobility and its charge weapons, plus a new subweapon. It works best at close-mid range. I don't know, it's a very straightforward and plain unit, I don't like it too much, although the Izuna drop is pretty cool.

GP 02 Physalis
 It's now a 2500, with the appropriate buffs, more Hp, faster(It's still a very slow unit!) and a longer red lock on target. It works fine at close range and long range, but his start-up on his stronger long range weapons is probably a bit too long for mid range. It's alright.

NEW GP03 Dendrobium Stamen
 This unit has tools to work at any range, and what's more, it has a fairly unique moveset, plus, it looks like a total badass when it holds both cannons on its arms. I loved playing as this one!

NEW Gerbera Tetra
 Fantastic mid-range unit that is very fun to use(Maybe it's not that good, but I enjoyed using it). Has two machine-gun tools that work pretty well and a one time timed mobility boost.

The 08th MS Team

EZ-8 Gundam
 Many buffs, including to its health. It has two modes, a Cannon for mid-range combat and a more balanced beam rifle/machine gun set-up, none are timed and can be switched at will. I guess it's a bit fun to use.

Gouf Custom
 Got a couple of tweaks here and there. It has to be said, zipping up and down with the cable is so much fun(Even thought boost doesn't regenerate while you use it anymore), and the melee combos look pretty badass. Speaking of Badass, it can use a piece of broken bridge as a projectile weapon. Lastly, it has a 50 Ammo minigun, and once it's used up, it starts using a 10 ammo(that reloads) mini minigun.


MS Igloo

 Received a ton of tweaks, both buffs and nerfs, to how its weapons operate. IT has plenty of tools, they are weak, but he has plenty of them. Its gimmick is that it can use a Kamikaze attack, but I don't like this one too much, there are just so many better and deadlier 1000 units...

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