Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Now Playing: Shadow Madness

 I used to play this one early in the mornings, back when I was younger.
 Well, the first thing I noticed? This game looks awful. I mean, it was never a good looking game, but man, has it aged badly. The next thing that happens, is that the game thrusts you into combat and... man, is this needlessly complicated! As you go through menus, the enemies will pound you into the floor, since it takes place in real time! Who came up with this?!

 It's not all bad, the music is fairly good, and the writing is pretty sharp(Sounds like I'm quoting the back of the box, but I swear the writing is pretty fun, there are some very witty lines and exchanges).

 I've gone through the second boss(Counting Red Tom, who I think I wasn't supposed to be able to beat so early(I'm playing on Normal difficulty), since it could one shot Dart when it did its strongest move, but by spamming reviving items, using the Twitch attack and the summoning magic, I persevered and got some pretty strong armor. Then I beat Rockra, who guarded the road to Karillion and... saved right outside its doors. I'm having more fun than I was expecting!

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