Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions part 8

NEW Strike Noir Gundam
 Good at any range, and very fun to use. For a 2500 unit, it seems a bit lacking on the damage department, but it looks so good at everything it does... and he loves to play with its guns when it goes idle!

Exia Gundam
 It has more HP and a new Extreme Attack. It's especially good at close range, lots of melee combos and cancels, but its long-to-mid range game is a bit lacking. Its main beam rifle has little ammo and needs recharging, so every shot must count. For what it's worth, it does a ton of damage, for a 2000 unit.

Dynames Gundam
 Got very minor buffs to its subweapons. It has a ton of projectile tools and a shield mode that blocks a bit of damage, reduces mobility by a lot and turns melee into a weak kick, but changes the missile subweapon into a Gerobi beam.

 Upgraded to 2500, with the needed buffs to mobility, boost and HP, among other minor buffs and cancel- possibilities. Has a new move that dashes forwards and can be cancelled into melee, I didn't find much use for it. Susanoo has a fantastic close-range game, with combos that move him all over the place, but his projectiles are few and incredibly weak, making him a hard to recommend.

Gundam 00 + Raiser
 Has a new assist and a new Extreme attack, Raiser Mode lasts longer and it can now use the beam boomerang like Normal 00 Gundam. 00 has very slow projectiles, but shines everywhere else, its mid range and close range games are pretty strong, and Raiser Mode makes it faster and enhances all his moves. Very good choice.

Cherudim Gundam
 Got a lot of buffs for its subweapons. Cherudim is a great long range and mid range unit, but since it lacks any form of melee, unlike other ranged units, it really doesn't want to get close to anything. What makes it different from the other units, is that its melee attack is a projectile weapon that doesn't consume ammo,  but on the flip side it's really slow, so you have to be smart about it.

NEW Arios Gundam + Archer Gundam
 Pretty strong  for a 1000, and quite the extensive moveset. What makes Arios unique is that it is constantly accompanied by Archer Gundam, who shoots with it, and you can order it to shoot as an assist attack. Furthermore, they can fuse together for a Mobile Armor mode that has quite the moveset, not many MA modes get as much care! Arios' only weakness might be its close range game, but it really shouldn't need to engage that close.

NEW Reborns Gundam
 This one is so good. It has two modes, can be changed at will and neither have a timer, Normal mode is good at any range, plenty of projectile tools, an assist and some pretty good close-range moves. Gunner Mode has a pathetic excuse of a melee attack, but it can stun, and has some fantastic long range and mid range projectiles. I wasn't expecting to like this one, but it's really good.

NEW Arche Gundam
  Has a lot of bit-based tools, most of them track a, pardon the pun, bit. Arche wasn't made for long-range skirmishes, he wants to get close and personal. I actually like its melee tools, but it could've benefited from a bit more variety on its subweapons.

NEW Throne Drei Gundam
 I didn't like it, but I think that it's a really good unit. Its more important tool is the red field, that turns all locks on friendly units into green locks, at the cost of making it a sitting duck. It's also a bit of a Assist unit, it has four different assists!, but the rest of its moveset feels pretty... vanilla.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie

Raphael Gundam
 A two mode unit, it received minor tweaks on both modes. Raphael is a unit that shines at long range, but shouldn't get into mid or close range unless it's on Separated Mode. Separated Mode actually turns Raphael's melee into some very fun to use combo strings, but it makes it a bit of an easy target, still, being able to attack from two different directions while Separated is very neat.

Quanta Gundam
 It got tweaks everywhere, and I think, think that the melee combos in Quanta Mode are new, I don't remember it having melee combos. Quanta is a bit complex to use, it has many modes and tools, but i think making the most of it requires experience, heh.


Gundam Unicorn

 Received a ton of minor buffs, the one I like the most? Destroy Mode lasts about 5 seconds longer. Unicorn Gundam is an all-purpose suit, very straight to the point and easy to handle, it's particularly devastating at mid and close range, especially while in Destroy mode.

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