Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions part 7

Gunner Zaku
 Has a new attack with stunning properties, still, it's the same unit as before with little changes. It's very strong at long range and mid range, and can hold it's own at close range, not bad, but a bit slow.

NEW Gaia Gundam
 I wasn't really looking forwards to this one, luckily, as I don't like it at all. It's gimmick is it's mobile armor mode in which it changes into a dog-like form, like the LaGOWE. Unlike the LaGOWE, this one is pretty dang hard to maneuver around. There's also a couple of moves that turn you into MA mode, but not the other way around. Yeah, I'm not using this one any time soon.

Destiny Gundam
 It received minor tweaks, most noticeable a small buff to its health. Strong all around Mobile Suit, very solid pick and easy to use.

Infinite Justice Gundam
 Poor IJ Gundam received a ton of nerfs, but on the bright side, it's still a very strong unit, even with nerfs to its mobility, it's still really, really fast. It also got a new assist attack, not that it really needs it. Works best at mid-to-close range, it's got some stylish melee attacks.

NEW Impulse Gundam
 Ever since it was revealed it was gonna be on Full Boost, I been looking forwards to this one the most. Why? Impulse Gundam(Sword pack) is a Mobile Suit I adore, and it was announced that it was gonna play just like Strike Gundam, the unit I loved the most in vanilla. My opinion? I love it. It's a stronger Strike Gundam, everything Strike it does, it can do better. There is one slight downgrade, lack of IWSP pack, but since it's a 2500 unit, as opposed to Strike's 2000 cost, it has the benefit of a longer health bar and other enhanced stats. I adore this one.


Gundam Seed Stargazer

NEW Stargazer Gundam
 This one's a very unique mobile suit, it possesses a remote-controlled bomb and some very unique melee properties. For instance, it only has two melee combos, but makes up for it by having a very strong and long ranged, but very slow, melee attack that hits everything on a radius around the Stargazer. This also means that you have to be wary of your ally's position. StarGazer also possess a timed mode that changes it's long ranged melee attack into a comboable long range move that doesn't hit around it, your ally should be glad! I'm not a fan, but I'm intrigued, I may play it more later in order to decide how I feel about it.

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