Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Now Playing: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle

 Must... not... let... fanboyism... get... over... me....
 The game arrived to my door today, and I've already logged in a... respectable amount of hours. All characters are unlocked now, by the by. So... first things first: the North American version got the short end of the stick, it has the worst cover(Japanese cover has Jotaro with the other JoJos imprinted on his clothes, my fave, and the North American one is, basically, the European one but zoomed in on Jotaro and Star Platinum, so that you can't see the whole of their fists, it looks terrible).

 Then... the worst I can say about the game, is that it has a incredibly bare bones story mode. Dragon Ball Budokai 1 had the best Story Mode I've seen in an anime-based game, while Budokai 2 has one of the worst. JoJo's is in the middle of the road between both, it ain't bad, but it's so disappointing. Stories are briefly told and rushed through a few text windows. It introduces non playable characters that add nothing to the mode just to do away with them through text, which feels dumb. They could've at leas used some panels from the Manga, or character cutouts, SOMETHING besides just text.... The good news is, after you finish the story mode, you are greeted with a very stylish credits roll it's one of my favorite, if not my favorite credits roll ever, it looks phenomenal.

  As for the best the game has to offer, the gameplay is top notch. It runs at 30 FPS, with occasional dips when the screen gets crowded, which kinda sucks, but it looks so good that I didn't really mind, it's not like the game aims to be a competitive game. And this game offers a ton of fanservice, the good kind of fanservice, not the one that aimed at perverts, but the one aimed at the fans of the show. Every move, every line, every pose was taken from the Manga, which is amazing. There are tons of little details, like Gold Experience Requiem not being affected by  Made in Heaven, or how the faces characters make when hit with Gold Experience's punch are all taken from the manga.... It's a downright amazing effort by CyberConnect2.

 Bottom Line: My thumb aches, and there's nothing I love more than an aching thumb after playing fighting games for a while(I really should've dusted off my Arcade Stick...). I love this game.

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