Monday, May 19, 2014

Good bye, DS and Wii online play

 If the Wii is not going to be remembered for something, it's gonna be due to its Online Play. But that doesn't mean that I didn't have fun with it.
 To start with, Monster Hunter 3 was, easily, the most fun I had playing Online on the Wii. While I never finished the Single Player campaign(And now that Ultimate Monster Hunter 3 is out, I'm, probably, never going to!) but boy, did I spend hours upon hours Online, at night, hunting with strangers! Dying actually made you feel bad about it, since your death meant reducing everyone's reward, we'd usually type "sorry" every time any of us died. Whether we managed to slay our prey or fail miserably at it, hunting in Monster Hunter 3 online was endlessly fun.
 The Conduit was a very, very average first person shooter, being on the Wii, a console that had such potential for FPS games, yet lacked decent ones, allowed it to shine. Sadly, it had no offline multiplayer mode, but it made up for it in a very average Online mode. Looking back on it was probably a terrible, terrible multiplayer FPS game, but there was nothing quite like it on the console. I spent more time than I'd like to admit playing both with friends and strangers.
 Say what you will about its balance, Mario Kart Wii was a phenomenal multiplayer game. I've many fond memories of this one, playing with people all around the globe(And the game actually showed you from where each opponent came!), plus, the game also allowed you to bring a buddy with you for the ride. I'd usually go online with my sister and play against other people, heck, once me and a friend went 2 on 2, Sibling duo VS Sibling duo to claim superiority. While Monster Hunter 3 was the game I loved playing online the most, Mario Kart Wii was the one I spent the most time with.
 Ah, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it did away with so many things that made Melee good. It was much, much slower, the random tripping was incredibly stupid, and to top it off, playing online was such a hassle. But when I finally managed to get it going, I had some fun 1 on 1 battles with a friend of mine. I won every time, and nobody can say otherwise. Funnily enough, I'd always try to play with Items off/Final Destination, while he'd go for items and any stages!
 One my favorite 2D fighting games ever made, Tatsunoko VS Capcom was a game that I tried to play online... but with my connection, it was downright impossible to get a good conection. But I tried!
 Anime licensed games are, usually, very shallow affairs... That was not the case with Bleach : The Blade of Fate, it was a neat little game, with a fair amount of depth and very decent balance. It also got a sequel in the way of Bleach: Dark Souls, but I never bothered to go online with that one. Playing this one online was... interesting, to say the least. The boards I frequented had a very elitist attitude that quickly rubbed on me, we'd look down on players that used Auto combos and/or used Cards. I remember that I'd always pack my deck of cards, but would only use them in retaliation if the opponent used them first, otherwise I'd stick with my "Cards are for scrubs" motto. I remember that I decided to main Hitsugaya, while I learned to despise him in the series, probably because Bleach got really bad during the latter parts of Las Noches, I wanted to main a character that wasn't Ichigo(Since everyone was using him!) but that had a ton of tools for rushdown, and Hitsugaya fit the bill quite nicely, with a wide assortment of tools for any situations, I quickly took Hitsugaya online and never looked back! By the way, back in the early DS days, games would often allow you to draw a symbol that would be shown online.... I managed to create a very decent Zangetsu.
 I always felt that JUMP Ultimate Stars was in incredibly overrated game, but I'd still frequent the boards, and just like it happened with Bleach BoF, it developed a very elitist community. Breaking combos using cards was frowned upon "If you are caught in a combo, you are to let them finish it", looking back on it, that was quite dumb. There were also issues with people who used any of the big three(a Trunks koma, and two others that I can't remember, I think Seiya was one of the three too?), as they were deemed Over Powered. Regardless, I've quite the funny story with this one... I joined a match, just like any other, and I didn't realize it at first, but the other three players were just idling by, until I killed one of them, and the other three proceeded to gang up on me! I'd later learn that Japanese players, in order to farm points, would enter matches without fighting each other, just waiting for the timer to run out, taunting on the spot was the "signal", and if a player tried to beat the others, they would gang up on him. Ouch.
 Mario Kart DS was one of the first games that I played online on the DS. While it was a fairly fun experience, it was filled with hackers everywhere! I remember this one guy in particular that had infinite Bullet Bill items. Prick. I remember making a very badass Archile icon to use as my symbol online.
 When I was younger, I fell in love with the Megaman Star Force trilogy(Sadly, that love is somewhat gone by now) and while I never battle online against other players, I did go online to register Brothers on my games in order to make my Megaman stronger. Back in Star Force 1 I didn't know the online use of Favorite Cards, poor fellas that registered me got stuck with some lame Sword chips, while, thanks to them, I got access to their Mega Chips, and even Event-Only chips, sorry guys!
 While, design-wise, I hated Pokemon Pearl, the underground minigame was the most fun I've had with an activity in a Pokemon game. Ever. Online really made me appreciate this game a whole lot, logging around 200 hours(By the by, I've logged over 400 hours in Pokemon Y thanks to the online. I hate myself.) due to online trading. I've lots of fond memories sending my Legendaries to cloners in order to get trading material, and then managing to obtain everything I needed in order to 100% percent the Pokedex(Which I didn't do. But I did in Pokemon Y!). I also did some charity trades to people that didn't have anything I needed, but I was just paying it forwards.

 In 3 hours, 31 minutes and about 40 seconds at the time of writing this, the DS and Wii online play will be forever disabled. Here's to celebrating Nintendo's poor, but at least functional, first foray online play, I can't speak for everyone, but I had fun.

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