Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus Impressions Final Part

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

EZ8 Gundam
  Extremely(heh!) similar to Extreme Vs, if not downright identical. Beam Rifle mode definitely isn't as good, melee wise, as it is in Extreme Vs, and I'm fairly sure that it moved faster in cannon mode as well.

NEW Gundam Ground Type
 While Full Boost introduced this unit as a DLC clone unit... it's almost a bit clonish in this one as well. Just like the Ez8, it has two modes: Cannon and Machine gun. The biggest difference is that it has terrible melee, instead of, well, passable melee tools. Machine Gun mode doesn't even have a beam rifle, but it retains the Missile Launcher while in cannon mode. Me, being a Melee fan, would much rather play as Ez8, even though I like how the Gundam Ground type looks better. Ah well, I really couldn't care less if they decided to bring this one back in Maxi Boost, it was fairly similar to the EZ8 in this one, and it's even worse in Full Boost's DLC.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Gundam Exia
  It's... in some ways better, and in some ways worse than in Extreme Vs. The Boomerang is more unreliable, the melee doesn't seem to be as good or easy to cancel into other moves and Trans-AM is a one-time only sub weapon... BUT when it uses Trans-Am, it becomes much better than in Extreme Vs, faster, stronger, and with longer and better combo strings that keep it on the move.

Gundam 00 Raiser
 As of Maxi Boost, Setsuna has 4 Mobile Suits and Lockon Stratos has 3. The amount of suits it gets is downright appalling. I don't have a problem with 00, I've a problem with the rest of the series not getting more reps! Gundam G? Gundam Wing? Heck, even Char could use his NightinGale... Alright, Rant over. How does 00 Raiser fare? I LOVE IT. I was fairly indifferent to it in Extreme Vs, but here it's a completely different suit. It's permanently in Raise mode, and it has two modes, one that shines at mid-long range, and one that is a melee beast. It also gets Trans AM, and while it's not as good as Exia's Trans-Am, it can be used more than once(If you survive while it reloads!). I like this suit, fun to play as, and really, really good, shame we are stuck with 00 in Extreme, probably an excuse to get Setsuna two Mobile Suits in one.

Reborns Gundam
 It's good, but not as good as in Extreme Vs. For instance, switching between modes is temporary, long range mode lasts as long as you have boost. It doesn't have such a large moveset, but it does have a nice array of tools, Gerobis, Trans-Am(One time only, turns normal beams into gerobis), funnels, and good melee. All in all? Really good, but not quite as good as in Extreme Vs.

NEW Gundam Virtue/ Gundam Nadleeh
 This one is relatively odd. While in Virtue mode, it's slow as molasses, and three of its weapons consume the SAME ammo gauge, with a max of 3 and the kind that slowly reloads. It can purge its armor to turn into Nadleeh, which is a much better, and faster suit, but a suit that hasn't got a whole lot of different tools. It's surprising that we are on the third iteration of Extreme Vs and this one hasn't returned, the devs aren't shy about their love for 00, and there's no other suit like this one in Extreme Vs.

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