Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Now Playing: Crimson Gem Saga

 Jojo should be arriving today....
 I haven't had much time to play this month(Pretty clearly), and I'm gonna be focusing on Dark Cloud 2 and Jojo once it arrives, so this one will be relegated to those times when I'm feeling lazy and just wanna chill while watching TV. Anyways, I digress, Crimson Gem Saga, alright so far.

 I've logged 30 minutes(an hour, technically, as I'll soon disclose) and, while not impressed, I'm liking it, kinda. Know what I despise? How encounters work. As soon as an enemy sees you, and they seem to, sometimes, have eyes on their backs, an exclamation mark pops over their head, failure to make contact with them before they dash towards you means that you'll get ambushed, and if there is more than one enemy, prepare to suffer. I met my end after half an hour, in which I didn't think I'd need to save, this way. Getting ambushed is way to hard on the player, and getting the first hit is nigh impossible when enemies seem to be able to detect you at any time. It's incredibly annoying, especially since I only have one character so far!

 As for the combat, it's very simple, as straightforward as it gets in a turn-based RPG, so no complaints there. Killian, the main male lead, is quite likeable so far, he has this "Second place" complex due to his rival always getting first, no matter how hard he tries, it's easy to relate and root for him, even if he arrived late to his graduation due to partying the last night! The thief elf was as stereotypical as it gets, lame uninspired skimpy bikini design coupled with the "pretend to be nice and rip everyone off" attitude, which makes her pretty bland in comparison to Killian, nay, makes her bland in any and every regard.

 Overall? Not impressed, not disappointed. It has a pretty b***in' opening by the by!
 (And you know it's got to be badass if I have to reduce myself to cussing about it!)

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