Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus Impressions part 2

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Gundam Mark II / Super Gundam(Emma)
 Fairly different to Extreme VS, it has 3 modes instead of 2, and they are not timed! Works fairly well at mid-close range, the Super Gundam being only good at mid-long range, since it has no melee and the missiles don't work up close. I actually prefer its Extreme Vs counterpart.

NEW Gundam Mark II(Kamille)
 This is actually a FB DLC unit, but since Full Boost's DLC was made up of, mostly, clones, I didn't bother with it. As for Next Plus? It's really, really good. It's a 1000 unit, instead of Emma's 2000, but it has a wide variety of tools at its disposal with no need to swap equipment, unlike Emma. The melee combos look much more badass, and it has an specially badass melee kick. I like this one a lot!

Hyaku Shiki

 My favorite Mobile Suit! In Next Plus it plays more like its Gundam VS Zeta Gundam Counterpart and... I like it that way. Its melee combos now have fancy kicks, which look amazing, and instead of flying on top of a Mobile Armor, when boosting, it uses the Mega Bazooka Launcher to propel itself, it looks hilarious! The Mega Bazooka Launcher takes a long while to shoot, which isn't so neat. All in all, I prefer this version over Extreme Vs's!

The O
 Fairly different to Extreme VS, I don't really like it much. In this one, its assist can let it see the enemy boost gauges, which is certainly unique. It also has Gundam VS Zeta Gundam's Awaken system, which is kinda neat. Thing is.... its moveset is fairly limited, it doesn't have much tools, which really, really sucks.

 Not too different from Extreme VS, here its a 3000 unit that can fight fairly well at close-mid range. Probably due to its cost, it feels really, really strong(This is the first 3000 I've used in this game!).


Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam

NEW Qubeley Mark II(Elpeo Ple)
 I was expecting it to be fairly different to Haman's Qubeley, hey, Extreme VS' Haman's Qubeley and Puru Two's Qubeley are different from each other, and.... they were very different indeed!  Elepeo's Qubeley is much better at long ranges than Haman's, but it certainly isn't as powerful(It is a 1000 unit after all). It also has two different modes, it can enter a ranged-only funnel based mode that runs out of ammo fairly quickly but grants it a longer range. I quite like it.

Qubeley Mark II(Ple Two)
 I expected this one, since it's a 2000 cost unit, to be a mix of both Qubeleys... I was wrong, The other Mark II is a mix of this one and Haman's. This Qubeley... is my least favorite, by far, it's a ranged only unit, like Elpeo's Qubeley secondary mode. I didn't like this unit at all.

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