Friday, May 2, 2014

Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus Impressions part 1

 Mobile Suit Gundam

RX 78 2 Gundam
 Pretty basic, but pretty decent all around unit. Definitely a great unit to start with, it's pretty similar to its Extreme VS counterpart but with less tools.

NEW Guncannon
 A long range unit, it has some hilarious melee moves that end with it falling on the ground! It can also throw a giant rock. I'd love for this unit to return in Extreme VS!

NEW Guntank
 A Long-range exclusive unit, it has no form of close-quarters defense, so if anything gets close, it's as good as dead. It was basically replaced by the much more adaptable Tank in Extreme VS.

NEW Zaku II Char Custom
 For a 1000 unit, it does have a nice selection of tools at its disposal. I'm especially fond of the Movement boost that allows it to zip through the battlefield 3 times as fast as the other units!


 I didn't like the Zeong in Full Boost, it was a bit too complex for my taste. Well, its Gundam VS Gundam incarnation plays very differently to Extreme VS, and it's very strong and much simpler to use, however, it's only good at mid-long range, with no melee tools at its disposal.

NEW Rick Dom
 A fairly straightforward close-mid range unit, it's a bit boring in my opinion, but it can summon the other Tri-Stars as its Support attack! It has a stunning sub weapon that is fairly hard to hit with. All in all, while I'm not too fond of its moveset, the Tri-Stars were fairly iconic characters, the Rick Dom should make a comeback on Extreme VS!

 Fairly similar to its Extreme VS counterpart, it has less support calls, but I think the support Acguys come out in a funnier way in this one. They just dash and jump towards their target! It has different and longer melee chains in this one.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Z Gundam
 The Acguy was similar to its Extreme VS counterpart, but the Z Gundam is almost identical. A 2000 unit that works pretty nicely at close-mid range. While it supposedly gets a boost when it goes "Newtype", the melee attacks become so slow that they are a hindrance more than anything else, which really, really blows.

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