Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus Impressions part 6

After War Gundam X

Gundam X Divider
 I liked this one a lot in Extreme Vs, so how does it previous counterpart compare? It's certainly different. In this one, it has two modes: X-Divider-Bazooka and Beam Rifle-Gerobi, each mode also has its own mobility which is sorta cool, X-Divider has a way better close-range game. I actually prefer its simplified moveset in Extreme Vs.

Gundam Double X
 While, at its core, it has the same toolset as vanilla, this one has a big handicap: Gerobis need to be charged. That's right, the Satellite beam is a charge weapon, but unlike other charge weapons that are unleashed as soon as you let go of the button, this one stocks on its own ammo gauge. Furthermore, it only has 1 ammo assist, but it grants him the mother of all Gerobi nuke beams. Once again, I prefer its Extreme Vs version.

Turn A Gundam

 Terrible mobility and terrible melee, all it has really going for it are its high ammo counts. If you happen to land a clean hit with the "Unload everything" attack, it deals a massive chunk of damage, but it's quite unreliable, almost as much as its secondary mode, in which it only has one move: A punch, that grows in strength the more it winds it up. Terrible unit, the Extreme Vs revamp made it much better.

Turn X
 The same as Extreme Vs, but with little differences, most noticeably, Shining Finger is a Charge Weapon. I actually like it more this way.

Turn A Gundam
 Very similar to its Extreme Vs(Vanilla) version, however, this one has missiles(It doesn't have missiles in Extreme Vs, right?) instead of a Gerobi beam. It also has a neat beam rifle assist. Extreme Vs Full Boost gave it so many new moves that its hard to go back, sadly.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

 Plays exactly like it does on Extreme Vs, but with a little enhancement... its a 3000 cost unit in this one. It already had a solid moveset that was good at any range, now thanks to it being a 3000 unit, it also has the damage and the beefyness. It's a total beast. Really good unit.

Unicorn Gundam
 It's very mediocre. Normal Unicorn has some awkward melee, that is kinda fun to use once you get the hang of when to properly cancel it, but a decent long-range toolset. Destroy Mode has abysmal projectile tools, but better melee.... actually, it just gets longer melee chains, but each hit doesn't deal a whole lot of damage? Eh, I'd stick with its Extreme Vs incarnation.

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