Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus Impressions part 4

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

NEW Gedlav
 A Gerobi, tons of different projectile tools, and a few melee tools? This is one adaptable mobile suit! I quite like this one, and I wouldn't mind seeing it return, since it looks quite different from anything else on either(Extreme VS and Next Plus) roster

Victory Gundam
 Virtually identical to Extreme VS, it even retains the same Assist move. Actually, I think it didn't have a Mobile Armor mode in Extreme VS, oh, and when it loses all body pieces, the "ship mode" lasts way longer, but it's way worse, it can't boost and flies at a snail's pace. I might be crazy, but I think the melee combos look much cooler in this one. All in all? I like it a lot, as much as in Extreme VS, throwing exploding limbs never gets old.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

NEW Shining Gundam
 This one is... amazing. Instead of a Beam Rifle, it shoots Hadokens out of his hands. HADOKENS. Has brutal melee attacks, has the Shining Finger and... has a secondary mode that enhances its already great melee and grants it a Gerobi beam. This one is returning in Maxi Boost, hopefully it plays just like it does in this one.

God Gundam
 It's a 3000 cost unit here(Just like Maxi Boost, which bumped it up to 3000 again), and... it's fairly good. It's also fairly different to how he plays in Extreme Vs. It has a much better ranged game here, it now shoots beam slashes with its sword, and can charge it up for a exploding wave attack. It can also change into a "Sheathed sword" stance that can rapid fire projectiles or turn into a beam sword tornado. Lastly, it has the Head spread gun, like in vanilla Extreme Vs. I prefer this one to Extreme Vs, much more fun!

Master Gundam
 Its a 2000 cost unit now, which makes no sense since Domon's Shining Gundam is a 2000 unit as well, but I digress. First thing you'll notice? It can't run, rather, it walks really, really slowly. The ranged attacks consists of throwing its beam cloth, which makes sense, but isn't too useful. Among its features, its melee attacks usually cover a wide area, which is kinda cool unless your ally happens to be close by, and it has an epic looking, but hard to hit with, melee attack in which it dashes forward, crosses the opponent, strikes a pose and the enemy explodes. Conclusion? I didn't like it too much, Extreme VS' version is much better.

NEW Nobel Gundam
  Eh, it's kinda lame. It's not that it's a bad unit, it simply feels like a Shining Gundam reskin, it even has an alternate, timed, mode. Almost everything it can do, Shining Gundam does the same and better. I can see why they axed it from Extreme Vs, and unless they revamp its moveset, I really don't care about it.

Gundam Spiegel
 Admittedly, I didn't play a whole lot with Spiegel in Extreme Vs, buuuut, it seems pretty similar in this one, as a matter of fact, I think it has a couple more moves in this one. It also retains the special blur effect when it runs, which looks quite neat. I happen to notice a trend, most of the units re-introduced in Full Boost seem to play the most similar to their Next Plus counterparts, hmm...


New Mobile Report Gundam Wing

NEW Gundam Heavy Arms Kai
 Preface: When I was younger, Heavyarms was my favorite Gundam Wing mobile suit. I loved the color scheme and the fact that it had a friggin' minigun on one arm. Also, since it's the TV series version, with only one arm holding the miniguns, I expected it to have some kind of melee attacks(I despise ranged-only units!), the Heavyarms did have a knife under the minigun, so I wanted to try it out as soon as possible... Well, it only has one melee attack, and it does use the knife, but it isn't too useful. For some reason, I find it more fun to play than it its Extreme Vs counterpart, probably has to do with me liking the color scheme a lot more and I like the sounds for the minigun a bit more. Also, I think it recharges ammo faster? Besides that, it has basically the same moveset as Extreme VS, but with a different assist call. I like neither version, but if I had to choose, I'd go with this one!

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