Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mobile Suit Gundam - Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus Impressions part 3

Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam

ZZ Gundam
 IT'S A WRESTLER! Another unit that is fairly different to its Extreme VS counterpart. While I prefer its Extreme VS incarnation, hot damn, I love how the melee moveset works, it has like 3 different grabs, one of them being a pile driver. Epic. As a mid-long range unit, it's really friggin' good, for just a 2000 unit, and the grabs deal a ton of damage to boot.

NEW Hamma Hamma
 This one. WOW. It's like the Rozen Zulu in that it has extending limbs... however, this extends to its melee as well, its arm flies towards the enemy with the beam saber. It can also extend its arms to grapple towards the enemy. Not my kind of suit, but I like it and wouldn't mind seeing it return, but I guess the Rozen Zulu kinda took its place.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

 Fairly similar to how it plays in Extreme VS, but it feels a bit weaker. Maybe because the last time I played it, it was a 3000 in Full Boost. Instead of a green gerobi-like beam, it has a sort of funnel carpet-boming that is kinda cool, but hard to hit with. All in all? While I quite like it in Extreme VS, here it lacks some oomph, specially compared to other 2000 units I've used in this one, regardless, it has one amazing shotgun attack that comes in the form of a charge attack, but, I think, it's the fastest charging move I've ever seen in the VS series! Pretty useful, strong and charges quite fast, the only downside it that it has a tiny bit of startup before it finally goes off.

Nu Gundam
 It has the same basic toolset as its Extreme VS counterpart, minus the Beam Shield which is now activated when Nu Gundam has less than 100 HP. Also, it has a special melee combo that looks downright brutal. I prefer this version to Extreme VS, sheesh, I wish they'd give it that combo back!

Mobile Suit Gundam F91

NEW Vigna Ginha
 I kinda like it. It's an all around 1000 cost unit, with a rather basic moveset. It has a swirling shooting move pretty reminiscent of Full Cloth Crossbones Gundam. It also has the Berga Giros' Drill that stuns. It's a pretty alright unit, I kinda like it and I wouldn't mind seeing it return, Cecily deserves to go back into the playable realm, but the Berga Giros kinda took its place.

Gundam Formula 91
 Whoa! This one is fairly different. In this game, Formula 91 can switch between a long-range only form and a mid-close range form. Extreme VS kinda merged tools from both forms into a single one, and in my opinion, is much better. However! F91's base form looks really badass, holding a bazooka in one arm and a beam rifle in the other.


Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

V2 Gundam
 It's basically the same as Extreme VS. Really. I've not much else to say, it's really good, it has both modes, it has the Wings of Light.... it's basically the same damn mobile suit!

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