Friday, July 25, 2014

Now Playing: Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

 Because I haven't had enough Street Fighter yet!
 Firstly, a bit about my history with the Alpha series: The first game in the series I played was Alpha 2 on the PC. I didn't know anything about the series, as far as I was concerned, only 2 and 3 existed, and I had only played 3 what... 1-2 times on the Arcades. I instantly fell in love with it, it was beautiful, both in gameplay and graphics. I must've spent hours in front of the computer playing that damn game... and then I found out about Alpha 3 and the massive cast of characters, needless to say, it was a major factor in me jumping to the PS2 instead of the Gamecube from the Nintendo 64.

 Alpha 3 on the PS1 was beautiful, a ton of characters and a great single player mode, I loved it a lot. I didn't spend as much time playing it as I played Alpha 2 on the PC, mostly because I had a lot of other stuff to play on the PS2, but I did return to it every now and then.... and then the GBA port was announced. I think the GBA version of Alpha 3 was the game I've taken abroad the most, sure, the GBA's lack of buttons crippled the game, but it was still Street Fighter Alpha 3 and you got three(Eagle, Maki and Yun) new characters!

 You could say I like the Alpha series. I've just started it and I'm making my way through Alpha 1, and as a I played it I couldn't help but notice the amount of care that Capcom has always taken when it came to Street Fighter. Street Fighter 1 is best left forgotten, but 2, 3, Alpha and IV are all fantastic in their own way. Sure, they go over board with their updates, and ever since we got into the DLC era Capcom has gotten... greedy, to say the least, but they've always been quality games. Except Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom just wanted money when it came to that one.

 So, what can I say? This compilation is beautiful.

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