Sunday, July 6, 2014

Now Playing: Assassin's Creed III

 Now THIS feels like a sequel. Brotherhood felt like more of the same, but not as much. Revelations was more of the same, but even in less quantity, if that makes any sense. Now this feels like something completely different, and better. Controls have been streamlined, Haytham moves like a dream, and I'm betting it will be the same for Connor. Combat too is much simpler, but that doesn't make it worse, not that I have fought much mind you!

 Graphics are phenomenal, and so far, the voice acting has been very good. Haytham is SO likable already, and I've only just met him an hour ago! He is suave, deadly and stern when he needs to, his lines are so good, and he has plenty of charisma. I was looking forward to playing with Connor, but I kinda want to keep playing as Haytham, he is so awesome!

 Speaking of graphics... Desmond now looks like Desmond, finally. He has more angular features on his face than ever, which makes sense seeing how rich his blood is, when it comes to lineage. Oh, and his scar is back, about time! However, now Rebecca doesn't look like Rebecca, at all, and for some reason he voice sound as if coming from a microphone... when she was having a conversation with Desmond, I'm guessing it was just an error on those interactions....

 Ah well, so far I'm very impressed, I'm liking it a lot, and I was a bit wary, everyone treats this one as the black sheep of the series, and seeing how the games kept going downhill since AC 2... I was a bit scared, especially since this one was the one I actually wanted to play! Still, there's still time for the game to mess up, Revelations was really good, at the start, but quickly grew tiresome.

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