Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Now Playing: Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi

 I am now officially playing the worst DBZ ever created. Maybe not the worst, but it's down there...
 So, for some reason I decided to give it a chance. Because it looked gorgeous, it was dirt cheap and when I gave that weird SNES card-based DBZ RPG it ended up being really, really good. This is not the case. I'll admit it's not as terrible as I thought, but that's, probably, because I just started it, I can see the whole system growing old very fast.

 My favorite moment regarding this game so far? The Tutorial. I spent more than 30 minutes trying to clear the Recovery tutorial, I wound up going to Gamefaqs, turns out I wasn't the only one. Turns out there's input lag, so the button prompts are basically a lie and you have to press the button before the cursor says so. So. Much. Fun.

 At least it's beautiful, graphics look drop dead gorgeous, one my favorite uses of cell-shading so far. And the remastered anime cutscenes are amazing. The music is also not half bad, some tunes are really, REALLY good and some don't fit at all.

 Overall? I don't like it. Not that I expected to, but still....

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