Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Now Playing: Darksiders II

 Death comes to all.
 It's no secret that I adored Darksiders(10 outta 10), first thing I did after I finished? Looked up where to buy Darksiders 2, which I promptly did the day after(Today). I'm dead serious. There's so much I want to talk about that I don't even know where to begin with...

 Let's see, first thing I noticed after booting up the game? This music is amazing. Darksiders 1's music was nothing special, I barely even noticed it was there, which is why it surprised me so much. Guess I'll do gameplay next, well, the introductory segment up till the battle against The Keeper of Secrets/Dark War was fantastic, everything I expected Darksiders 2 to be and more, basically, Darksiders 1 with RPG elements, which sounds like a kickass idea to be honest. And then I reached the overworld... I dunno how I feel about it? It's a bit barren, sure, there are chests, pages and probably other stuff hidden away(And it's really cool how the barriers preventing you from accessing other areas are, well, the lack of tools to reach the entrances! I could already spot what looked like grappling points). Still, I liked Darksiders 1's narrower overworld a bit more, at least as far as I've played. After reaching the Cauldron I was afraid that the game turned into a Action-RPG with no puzzles, but my worries were laid to rest pretty early on, luckily. It's funny 'cause I usually prefer more straightforward action games, but puzzling is part of what made Darksiders so good, it had to return! Funnily enough, I couldn't avoid noticing that the game feels a lot like Kingdoms of Amalur, the greens and the golem-like enemies... it's very reminiscent of KoA, which is a bit odd, but it seems that DS 2 will take place over more... mystical lands instead of the remnants of Earth, which is a shame as the previous setting was great, but who knows the game might still surprise.

 Then I wanna talk about Death. I spent a bit reading up on TVTropes, avoiding spoilers, about Death, and it seemed like he was gonna be a speedster type of character. And it shows, his frame is slimmer and he doesn't wear heavy armor or huge weapons, unlike War. Actually, you can equip hammers and maces, which are huge, but Death attacks very slowly while wielding them. Regardless, I was afraid that he wouldn't feel as badass, or as strong as he is supposed to be, he is the strongest of the Horsemen after all... Well, as soon as you start fighting you'll notice that the way he zips around, shredding everything in his wake, he could totally stand up to War. Heck, the first boss is an apparition of War. The first boss! Going back to War, I love how they have very different personalities, and they made a great job at portraying him as very cocky, but considering his strength, confident suits him better. He also seems to have a very cynical sense of humor "They call me pup or lad, but I much prefer my own name, Karn", to which Death answers "Pup it is then". If I had to choose, I prefer War, both visually and personality-wise, but Death is very cool in his own right.

 Basically, I'm loving the game, I've mixed feelings about the overworld, but it might change with time.

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