Saturday, July 19, 2014

Now Playing: Darksiders

 This game I like.
 Know how people have been clamoring for a "Mature Zelda"? Well, by mature these people mean "it's dark and gritty and has blood and stuff", well, this is their game. Joe Madureira conceived the art for this game and oh boy does it show, it's like an Image comics come to life, it's gorgeous.

 As for gameplay, Devil May Cry meets God of War meets The Legend of Zelda, it's so much fun! On my first session I played nonstop until Tiamat's defeat, and it was glorious. I've nothing bad to say about the game, maybe that the music is nothing to write home about(A metal soundtrack would've fitted this game so much better, it just screams of Metal!), but that's just a minor, minor issue.

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