Thursday, July 31, 2014

Now Playing: Mario Kart 7

 Mario a la go.
 I'm going out this weekend, which means I needed a game, and I was THIS close to taking Project X Zone(That was the name? The Capcom/Namco/Sega crossover thing), but in the end I opted for Mario Kart.

 So, first impressions: Looks beautiful. I played the first of the "original" cups, and it's... eh, Shy Guy Bazaar was good, but the other three were rather plain, maybe they feel better at higher ccs. Then I played the first retro cup... they brought Mario Kart DS' Luigi's Mansion track, and it's glorious. The first N64 track was also a nice surprise. Gliding and Diving feel so superfluous, might as well not even be there.

 Oh, and no Wario? Wario better be a hidden character or something. All my mains are gone: Diddy, Bowser Jr, DryBones and Wario, what am I to do?

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