Monday, February 10, 2014

Now Playing: Wild Arms 2

 "V for victory, suckah!" Lilka's the man... erm, woman.
 I finished Grandia II, cue in a congratulational orchestra, which means it's time for another JRPG, cue in Wild Arms 2. I just finished both Lilka and Brad's introductions, Wild Arms series(At least the ones I've played) have you play as each of the main characters, individually, before they join up, and left Ashley's for last. I'm happily content, the game is as fun as I remembered it too, and I just love how chunky the characters look in the 3D engine.
 Still, I remember being annoyed to no end by the Search function. Y'see, Wild Arms 2 wasn't gonna be like other JRPGs, oh no, they had to innovate, how? On the Overworld there is nothing, you have to press Square to have a circle cover the area around you, if you hit a town, dungeon or hidden item, it's permanently added to the map and the overworld... but you have to find it first, and I remember it getting quite annoying. Ah well, I was younger back then, and Wild Arms 3 kept this mechanic, and I don't remember having much trouble with it(Heck, Wild Arms 3 is one of my favorite JRPGs ever) so who knows?
 Oh, and Lilka is just the best "V for Victory, Suckah!".

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