Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions ZZ, Char's CounterAttack-chapter.

 Qubeley Mark II
 Very much improved since vanilla, Qubeley(Puru) is an excellent long range 1000 unit, has plenty of annoying proyectiles to keep the enemy at bay, plus, it's pretty bulky and fun to use.

 Feels a bit faster than it's vanilla counterpart. Most of Qubeley Mark II's long-range options a gone, but it definitely has a better close-range game. While it's fun to use, there are way better 2500 units out there.

 NEW Zaku III Custom
 A fun 1000 cost unit to use. At the outset there's nothing special about it, but after about 10 seconds you can engage in a Power Up mode that reflects beams and enhances melee for a short while. Plus, it gets a stunner with a huge range. Still, I think it could've used a couple more long ranged options besides the Beam rifle and the supports.

 Char's CounterAttack

 Nu Gundam
 Even though it received a new move, it feels very much the same as before. It's a great all around unit that can fight at any range effectively and it's pretty straight forward to use. The beam shield is pretty useful!

 Finally became a 3000 unit! The Sazabi is pretty fun to use and a great long-range unit with plenty of tools and options to cause havoc. What's even better, even though his melee is a bit too slow and might leave him open for enemy beams, he can cause some damage up close! Still, he is better at long range-mid range, but shouldn't be scared to engage head on.


Berga Giros
 Berga Giros suffers from having a good melee. 1000 units are supposed to be support units, that stay away but aid the more expensive units. Berga Giros has a pathetic main gun that deals little damage and has poor tracking, he also has missiles that are easy to dodge unless used at mid-range. His stronger long-range option is his support call, but these don't recharge until respawn. Sounds pretty bad, but he has a couple of moves that stun and have pretty low charge/reload time, these can help him get up close and deal larger damage or let the other unit engage safely. As a whole, I don't believe he is of much use, but dunking enemies with the drill is fun!

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