Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions Z-chapter.

 I'm liking Full Boost so much, that I wanna write my impressions on all the units. I talked about most of 0079 in my Now Playing entry, so I won't be covering them, instead...

Z Gundam
 A good, all around unit, I didn't notice anything particularly different from vanilla Extreme VS. I didn't hate it, but I don't see myself using this unit any time soon.

Hyaku Shiki
 My favorite Mobile Suit in the Gundam universe. A 2500 unit, it feels a bit weak amongst it's 2500 brethen. The Ion Cannon is as useless as it was on Vanilla, since the start up is too long. I dunno, I know that I used the hell out of this unit in Vanilla, but this time it just didn't click with me. I will be retrying it after I'm done, since it is my favorite mobile suit.

 The giant cannons on its back make it look bulkier than it is, even though it is quite a tall unit. It's an OK unit with a fantastic long range game and a decent melee.

 New Units
 This was actually DLC in Vanilla, but since I didn't buy it, this unit is pretty much new to me. As one would expect from this four-armed(He has two tiny arms hidden in it's battle skirt) behemoth, its long-range game is pretty weak, and his Beam Rifle takes a while to recharge, so make each weak hit count. It's melee, however, is quite fantastic, he can make some pretty long and strong combos with devastating results. When I first tried it, I hated it, coming from the Messala, but after getting used to it, he became quite fun.

  The Hambrabi has both decent long range game and decent close range game, making it quite versatile. One of his attacks has him calling Dunkel and Ramsus, in their own Hambrabis, working alongside Yazan for a long while. Unlike other supports of their kind, Dunkel and Ramsus are invulnerable, so they'll remain alongside Yazan until their time is up. Not only do they provide a nice buff to the Hambrabi's long range damage, but they allow it to use the three-pronged attack that they used on the show! Very nice unit.

Gundam Mark II/Super Gundam
 One of the units I liked the most, so far. It's got a decent mid range/close range game by default, and it can call the G-Defender to transform into the Super Gundam for a short while. The Super Gundam takes a hit on close-range, but gains super beams to aid it in mid-to-long range skirmishes. It's all around fun and pretty decent.


Full Armor ZZ Gundam/ZZ Gundam
 While I didn't particularly like it in Vanilla, FAZZ was my go-to mobile suit in Mission Mode, when the missions got harder and I needed more fire power. Compared to its vanilla counterpart, it seems a bit weaker when it comes to damage output, but it keeps the same start-up as before. Full Armor ZZ Gundam was made for long range, as his movement speed is slow, and his close-game is pretty sad. Long-range is where it shines the most, until you purge the armor and turn into ZZ Gundam. ZZ Gundam gains more speed and a better close range game, bit it should still aim to stay in mid-range.

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