Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Now Playing: Tales of Destiny II

 Seems the copy I've got had one scratch too many, as plenty of Farah's lines would skip... so I migrated to the PS3, and the PS3's reader did the trick. Technical issues aside, so far it's alright. Maybe I hyped myself for this game too much, as it's the Tales game that always eluded me, but I dunno, I like it, no doubt about it, but it wasn't "WHOA OMFG THIS IS AWESOME". Hopefully it picks up, I mean, I only invested about one hour...
 Voice acting is hilarious(In a bad way), graphics are plain, although some of Farah's sprites' expressions are very endearing. As for the engine, I like the new sprite style, Phantasia and Destiny used Super-deformed sprites, but this time they have more appropriate proportions. Combat itself is very Phantasia/Destiny-like, not a bad thing per se, but the new 3D Tales of have evolved oh so much. Reid, like the protagonists from all the classic 2D Tales of games, can use Axes, Lances and Swords, but I found it funny how people kept referring to him and his sword, yet his starting weapon is an axe.

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