Sunday, February 23, 2014

Now Playing: Soul of Darkness

 For a rip-off, it's halfway decent.
 This game doesn't even try to hide the fact that it's a bare-faced rip-off Castlevania. From the style of the sprites themselves to the environments. However, beauty is only skin-deep, as the animation is pretty choppy, from what I could gather, it's a Mobile game port. Gameplay, however, is actually pretty freakin' decent, I had quite a bit of fun, all twenty minutes I invested. The game is also pretty easy, infinite lives plus the game saves every time you enter a room, so you can restart at the start of the room, but it's also a must, as once the game failed to trigger an event, so I had to restart that section. Exploiting the levels for orbs, to enhance your weapons, is pretty easy as well.
 Well, for such a shameless copy, it's pretty alright, no where near as good as a Castlevania game, but a nice diversion.

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