Friday, February 28, 2014

Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost Impressions F91, Victory-chapter.

 Gundam F91
 A bit on the frail side, but then again it's a 2000 unit. I didn't play much of it on vanilla, but it's an alright unit, has tools to battle at every range, but it's a bit slow. Overall? It's alright but I don't myself using it any time soon,

Mobile Suit Victory Gundam 

 Victory 2 Gundam 
 They nerfed him! Basically, less ammo and longer reload times. Victory 2 is a unit that shines when it comes to long range skirmishes, and he really needs to, as his melee is bad and it's mobility is on the slow side. While the overall tracking of his long range weapons is fantastic, it can temporarily engage into an Assault Mode that grants him a new Beam attack, but the tracking on this one is bad and the start-up is slow, his basic long range beam gets stronger though.

 Gun-EZ was a unit that I've always liked for support, since it can send grunts to cover his ally. Sadly, the rest of it's tools feel samey, meaning it really doesn't have much answers to different situations. Oh, and engaging Burst Mode makes Uso and his V Gundam swoop in and provide beam support! Very straight forward, lots of beams, not bad but there are better 1000 units out there.

 NEW Gottrlatan
 I don't like Katejina as a character and I don't like Gottrlatan's design, but this is a very solid 2500 unit. Has good close-range capabilities and excellent long range tools, it can cover wide or narrow areas, very nice. It's mid-range game is a bit lacking however, as it's beams have a bit of a start-up and can't be cancelled once the beams/missiles are out. Still, very solid unit.

  NEW Victory Gundam
 It can shoot its body parts as proyectiles. I repeat, it can shoot it's limbs. The V Gundam is impossibly fun to use. It doesn't have many different tools at its disposal, and shooting the legs or arms seem to function basically the same, but it's fun, plus they deal a lot of damage. Engaging Burst Mode grants it a new charge beam attack, it's slow but powerful. Lastly, while you can respawn legs and arms at any time, if you shoot a pair of limbs without respawning the other, you'll engage into a ship mode. I've yet to discover its use, as it feels really useless, and you can cancel it at any time, so what's the point of it? Fun unit, might not be to useful, but really fun.


 God Gundam
 I played my fair share of God Gundam in vanilla, and he feels just as good. The vulcans have been removed in favor of an assist, I'm Ok with it. The Burst Attack was changed, actually, he now has two Burst Attacks, I'm Ok with this as well. I dunno, I like the new changes. God Gundam, as a unit, is probably one of the faster ones, and it needs to, as its long-to-mid range combat is quite lacking. Its basic beam attack is really strong, but hard to hit with and with mediocre range, its only long range attack must be charged and the tracking is not too good. On the flip side, hitting an enemy with the basic beam attack stuns them, leaving them open for a good melee combo or another shoot. I recommend the combo.

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