Saturday, February 22, 2014

Now Playing: Gundam Extreme VS - Full Boost

  Finally, I've been waiting for so long, and... so far so good. Impulse Gundam was the one I was looking forwards the most, and he is so fun. Surprisingly, the Gian, a Mobile Suit I don't particularly like, is so much fun to use. Arcade Mode seems to be harder, I raged so hard, yet loved it so much. I love this game. Melee, as a whole, seems to have received a small boost, as the window for the melee combos seems much more generous. I spent over 3 hours on this beauty, and of the new suits, I tried: Impulse, Gian(I didn't buy the DLC, so it's a new unit for me) and the Zeong, the Zeong... I didn't like too much, he seems a bit technical and long-ranged, both attributes that I dislike.
 Speaking of dislike, I have a couple of issues with the game as a whole. First, let's start with the thing I hate the most about last gen: DLC. There were a bunch of DLC units leaked pretty soon after the release, and while they are 100 yen cheaper than Vanilla's DLC, they are all clones. Yes, clones, they took existing units, swapped the pilot, altered it's stats(Usually weaker versions) and called it a new unit. There is one or two completely new models, but they are the exception. Vanilla EVS had more expensive DLC, but you could tell work went into it, they were completely new units and they brought a new season of DLC units a year after the game was released, work went into this DLC, even if the second batch of DLC were units from the then Arcade-Only Full Boost. Also, Single Player, Vanilla Extreme VS had over 100 different missions, this game has about half of them, and people are saying many are copy paste from those. True, this game thrives on Multi-Player, but the other game tried! One thing that didn't sit well with me, is how you don't earn medals anymore on the Arcade Route, getting a Gold always felt so good.
 Regardless, I am loving this game, and two out of the three new Unit I tried were extremely fun to play with. Definitely loving it.

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